Sleep Soundly With No Nugs

We make sure that the place where we live is free of any dust or contamination. We can get rid of the macro level dust and other insects from our house. But there are micro leveled organisms also which can stay in our house for many years without being getting noticed. Among them, there are bugs. Bugs are very tiny insects which are mostly found on the beds under the mattresses. They can bite you anytime without giving you any pain. Here are a few facts about the bugs that you didn’t know before.


  • Size: They are extremely small to be seen with naked eye. Even if you make a bed upside down and shake it you would find small powdered thing lying on the floor. That powdered thing is nothing but bugs. They are generally brown in color and are quite tiny. Bugs can never be noticed with a naked eye and they can even be found on your clothes. According to a fact statement, about a billion bugs can be fitted inside a square of 1 meter, which is a marvel in itself.
  • Bite: if you sleep in the night and wake up in the morning and notice red rashes on your body, then there is a chance that your body has been bitten by the bugs. Even doctors cannot identify with the naked eye that the red rash is due to the bug bite or anything else. So there are only chances that the red rash might be due to the presence of the bug. Also, there is one specialty in the bug bite is that you won’t feel any itching, irritation, or pain while the bug is biting you. You will only realize that you have been bitten by a bug when a red rash starts visible on your body.
  • Prevention: there are many bug exterminator people who can do this job very easily and perfectly. The heating of the bed was normally adopted but it is not a perfect way of getting rid of the bugs permanently. Bugs can stay alive without biting you for many days. But many advanced ways have come through which we can get rid of these insects permanently. Bed bug exterminators now use synthetic made chemicals and spray it on the bed mattress. The chemical is poison for the bugs but it is harmless to humans. This chemical solution has been very successful in recent times. Bed bug exterminators San Antonio are very perfect in killing the bed bugs for good and they have spread their business in the neighboring cities too.

There have been many bed bug exterminators that can claim to make your bed bug free for cheaper prices. But if you take our advice, always choose the one which is expert and provides the best service without looking at the cost. An expert man will actually make you bug free whereas a fake man will claim many things that he will not be able to do in actual.