A Scam- Which Needed The Best Judgement

A scam of EUR 120 million property is news in the market, how the best managers of a resort turned out to be a pirate and cheated their owners by acquiring everything from him.


 This is a news from Turkey, where the managers of the resort by doing fraud cheated the owner of the resort and using his property without any fear. They were those managers who were running the resort business in a better and great way and were increasing the profit of the resort.

Those, who travel to Turkey, love to stay in this resort and use other various services, provided here for attaining finest holiday experiences, which they haven’t got any other places, for sure.

About the case...

The owner of the resort, Mr. Burhan Silahtaroglu, since 1980 has been a renowned name in the market and the main founder of Turkish modern tourism and have been evicted by cheating from his EUR 120 million property by these two managers- Halil Korkmaz & Vadi Karatoprakli turned The Pirates.

The owner is trying hard to get his property back, but due to various formalities and obligations by the court, unable to do so. The owner got the assistance of legal and juridical power, and now this matter will be discussed in the court. Right now, the pirates have full authority to use the property and can do anything to mold the business for profit. Most of the people are expecting that the case right now has no chance to resolve as soon as possible and may take years to do so. The worst part is, till the court order won’t come against these pirates, they can enjoy everything over here, like-

Full financial power

Right now pirates have captured 449 units luxury resort and they do not need to pay any property cost, insurances, taxes, and owners’ share. As well as they can also and did refuse owner on any financial audit.

Getting full technical support

Owner tried to cut down the power of the resort, but again these pirates turn on the power and using the resorts like earlier. They are looking very sharp and come up with the full proof plan which is succeeding day by day.

 Getting external support

How they are able to manage their plan successful, just because they are able to bribe so many government officials who are helping them blindly. They are using their owner money and distributing here and there, in order to win the case and able to become full time owner of the resort.

Right now, this news affected a lot of Tourism business, and people are skipping their plan to visit this place. This will surely the bad news for the Turkey and as soon as possible is needed to sort out the case, for enabling good and proper channel of business like earlier.

Everybody, who is with the owner, is expecting the fair judgement as soon as possible so that people learn from the same and never do such kind of mistake.