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How would you feel, if your property is managing by anybody by becoming an owner of the same? Surely, you would like to kill that person, who did fraud to you. The same case happened in Turkey, where genuine managers cheated their owner and using his property without any obligations.


Complete case discussion

It is not a matter of few amount of money or property, but this is the news of EUR 120 million property, which nowadays become a hot topic for all. This is the news is all about, how can the managers of the resort can become a pirate and cheat out the owner by acquiring his million dollars property. This looks a matter not to digest so easily, but it is true.

 Who is the man behind the scene?

Vadi Karatoprakli, Harman, and Halil Korkmaz were the man behind the scene who amazingly made this scam possible. They were one of the best managers who were renowned to the world due to their finest and proven working experience. One can easily check their profile in search engines and find out their great and phenomenal experiences in the field of hotel and tourism.

They received endless warnings and other legal orders from the owner, but completely ignored the fact to respond back the owner. Apart all, there are various issues are associated with the same case, which one should know by checking out the best source.

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