Occidental College – An Excellent Learning Point For Ambitious People

College life is very exciting. Nowadays college has vegetarian jambalaya to virtual classroom. Moreover the traditional universities have started in increasing online courses for the students. They provide higher scheduling that is flexible enough for the students. Moreoverthey become more independent and responsible. Virtual classrooms intend to be useful for everyone. Thus pursuing degree from exciting colleges is not boring. There are also various colleges that have specific subjects and provide better education with appointing professional lecturers.

Historical background

Among the various colleges, Occidental College is one of the best. It is a co-education and private arts college. It is situated in Eagle Rock at Los Angeles in California. It is mostly called Oxy by certain alumni and students. This college was ranked no.44 among the other liberal arts college in the city. Founded on 20th April, 1887, this college was run by Thomas Bard, Lyman Stewart, and James George Bell. In that time only thirteen women and twenty-seven men were studying. After the building of Boyle Heights caught fire, then the entire college campus was relocat6ed to St. Vincent’s college. In 1909 this college had made tie-ups with Presbyterian Church. After that this college became non-denominational and non-sectarian institution.

Architectural infrastructure

This college was created by Myron Hunt, one of the best architects of those times. He did the master planning of the entire structure of Oxy College. The total area of this college is approximately 120 acres. This college has twelve inbuilt residence halls within the campus. The actual dining is located in the Marketplace at Johnson Student Center. Water Forms II was installed in 1979 that was a kinetic fountain. The design was made up by George baker, one of the professors of that college.

Area of campus

In total there were 31 majors on the campus with 10:1 ratio of student and faculty. The approximate size of the class was of 19 students. In each semester four classes were provided fr the students. However, ratings of four stars were provided by Fiske Guide. Core program was created by faculties in Occidental University. It comprised of written semesters for the first year students, level language courses and comprehensive examinations. The seminars conducted in the first year were considered as centerpiece of this program.


Susan Prager became the first president femaleinthe year 2006. In 2009, a native Angeleno was declared as the dean of this college. He was Jonathan Veitch President of Occidental College. In this college the students needed to demonstrate their proficiency in foreign languages and writing. Most of the classes in this college have been designed for exposing the students to four basic principles. Those are services, community, equity and excellence. Final part of core program needs the students for passing an examination. It is senior comprehensive in specific field chosen by students. However these comprehensive exams comprise of field research projects, thesis, oral examinations, fieldwork, creative projects and seminars. This college has been an example of discipline and prestigious educational institution. Occidental Weekly is the newspaper of its campus and is entirely run by the students. CatAlist is a TV station that has been launched by the students.