The Electronic Cigarette Already Change The World Of Traditional Tobacco Industry

April 30, 2015-America-The recently report from the blog of famous e cigarette online seller tell use that the sales of electronic cigarettes and its accessories such as e cig battery is less than the one percent of the 80 billion dollar¡¯s U.S. tobacco market. It is indeed that the sale volume of the electronic cigarettes already got very strong growth during the past four years and the profit of it has been doubled for each year.

On the other hand, those authentically estimation organizations also predicted that the improvement of the production of the electronic cigarette also urge the market expanding of the electronic cigarette. Frankly speaking, this device will eventually beyond the real cigarettes in the next 10 years.

The other good news for each smoker is that the price of the electronic cigarette is only 8 dollars compared with hundreds of dollars few years ago. That is why more and more smokers have the willing to quit smoking by replacing their traditional cigarette by the e cigarette. So we could know that the market of the electronic cigarette would have a good future.

On the other hand, people could also not forget that the electronic cigarette such as women's slim e cigarette also has such health risk even it is much smaller than the traditional cigarette. The USA Today has reported that although the electronic cigarette does not burn the tobacco and does not contain coal tar and other harmful substances, it may still contain carcinogenic chemical composition. And due to it has been promoted as the healthy product, it would more likely to make the teenagers try them.

In a word, the appearing and popular of the electronic cigarette will eventually change the structure of the traditional tobacco industry. Now, more and more major tobacco companies have began to develop their own electronic cigarette products. If you want to find the high quality e cigarette, please visit our website


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