Acquire Your Free Credit Scores From All 3 Bureaus For Future Use

The importance of a person’s credit score has gained huge proportions during the last few years. You can do just about nothing without showing your credit score whenever you have to show it to any authority. You cannot get a loan to buy a house. You cannot buy a car without telling them what your credit score is.  You will not get a credit card if you are not able to produce at least one of your credit scores. Every year there are three government approved bureaus that send you a report regarding your credit activities. But, unfortunately, none of them mention your credit score in their reports.


A decent score is required not only for getting a loan and other financial help, but it is also required to determine what rates of interest you have to pay on your loans. The variation of a couple of points more or less may determine how much money you will have to pay extra or do not have to pay at all as interest. You cannot get help from the free credit reports from all 3 bureaus because they do not contain your credit scores. Since your credit score has become such an important thing in your life, you cannot afford to pay for it every time you need it to process some document or other.

You can pay to get one score from any of the three bureaus. But one score may not be sufficient to prove whether credit standing is really good or not. The bureaus depend on the various lenders and creditors for the information about your debts and credits. Sometimes these lenders fail to send the correct information about the loans you have taken or the debts that you are repaying. This lack of information can reflect on the credit score, and it may vary from bureau to bureau. You have to get the credit scores from all the three bureaus to dispute any lack or inaccuracy of data that may reflect on your credit score.

Since you cannot get your credit scores from the credit reports, you have to find out some other source from where you can obtain this score to make your life smooth. There are some online sites presently providing their services to help you to get your credit score for free. Some of these sites offer to give you one credit score from any one of the three bureaus for free for an unlimited period of time when you register with the site. If you want to see all three then you have to upgrade your membership with the site.

Others offer a free seven-day trial to see all three credit scores. If you want to continue seeing the scores, then you have to upgrade your membership. Additionally these sites will help you monitor the bureau so that you can get an alert if someone wants to tamper with your personal information or there is some unauthorized activity on your credit card. They also provide protection against any ID theft.