Credit Scores Are Not Provided With Free Credit Report Gov

It is very important to know your credit score. If you want to take a loan to buy a house or car or want a credit card, the first thing that the lender will ask you is your credit score. The government has appointed three separate bureaus to keep a track of all credit transactions that people make. At the end of each financial year, they send these reports free of cost to all those who have credits. But the vital thing that goes missing from these credit reports is your credit score.

Even though you get the free credit report gov every year, you have to pay the bureaus to get your credit score. As it is almost impossible to do anything without your credit score, you have to find out some way to get it without paying for it every time. It has been made possible by some online sites. These sites offer you the opportunity of getting your credit score without paying a cent for it. You may think that there must be a catch to it. But actually there is none as lenders and creditors who use the same sites for their own advertisements pay for the services.

The online sites that offer the facility of getting the credit score by registering with them have various options that you can avail of anytime. One of the options is to register with the site to get one credit score from one particular bureau for unlimited time. Knowing just one credit score can be disastrous because the credit bureaus maintain and update their record by using the information supplied tothem by the lenders and creditors. If any one of them fails to send this information, then the credit score that you have got from one bureau may not be correct and may not tally with scores from the other two bureaus.

Getting all the three scores is vitally important because if the credit scores form the three credit bureaus do not tally then you can dispute the absence of correct data. Even though sending the credit scores along with the free credit report gov should be the norm the bureaus get away because the government takes no notice of it. Many of these online sites offer seven-day trials for seeing all three credit scores from all three bureaus. If you want to get after the seven days are over then you have to upgrade your membership with the site.

If you have all three of your credit scores with you, then the lenders cannot raise any problem of giving you any loans and a new credit card. The interest rates that you have to pay on your loans also depend on the credits scores. A lot of money is at stake if your credit scores vary due to a couple of points from what it should be. There are also some additional facilities that these online sites provide. They allow you to monitor the bureaus so that you get an automatic alert if there is somebody trying to manipulate your credit data. The sites also offer protection schemes that can keep you safe from ID thefts.