Frankfurt Nanomedicine Award For Groundbreaking Innovations In Nanomedicine

Nanomedicine is an advanced branch of medication that uses nanotechnology. It is a highly specific intercession at the level of molecules to heal diseases and repair damaged tissues. It is regarded as the future of medicine though it is still in the budding stages. This branch of advanced medicine deals with injecting of nano particles inside the body of the patient. Nano particles are extremely small parts of a material. Particles of such size are measured in the unit of nanometer. A nanometer is ten to the power of minus nine of a meter. To have an idea, a single hair measures about eighty thousand nanometers in breadth.


It has been observed that particles of one to one hundred nanometers in size exhibit physical and chemical properties that can differ substantially from their properties in the normal state. A lot of activities and bio mechanisms those take place inside our body do so in nanometric proportions. Nanoparticles and nanomaterials inside the body interact with each other. The nanoparticles, after entering the body, come in contact with the DNA and other proteins in the blood, organs and damaged tissues. In medicine, nanotechnology is applicable in delivering medicine, diagnosing and treating various diseases and repairing damaged cells and tissues.

The nanomedicine award is meant to recognize such projects and endeavours those look to apply nanotechnology in various aspects of finding and treating ailments. The award is open to companies, researchers, health organizations and such entities across the world. The award seeks new and innovative approaches towards the diagnosis and therapy of diseases. It rewards those who explore the dark regions of medicine that are yet to be comprehended well by the medical world. The awardees are expected to represent fresh concepts and ideas of diagnosis and therapy those meet some of the unmet medical wants, which are not possible without the use of nanotechnology. These projects should be singular in nature and distinctly different from standard and established approaches. The approach should also be feasible and have a potential market.

The winners of Frankfurt nano medicine award are set to receive extensive media coverage all over Europe. They will be considered by the entire biotechnology, academic, pharmacological and finance communities. The awardees are to get an opportunity to make a presentation at the Nanomedicine Panel Discussion event. They will also get several other privileged slots at other important nanomedicine and nanotechnology events and discussions across Europe. The nano medicine award winners get a one year’s free membership of Frankfurt Society For Nanomedicine and two days of experts’ guidance by members of the FSN Translational Advisory Board.

So far, the award ceremony has taken place three times, in 2013, 2014 and 2015. The company that won the award in the inaugural season f the awards is Prosurx. It is one of the topical treatments for outbreaks of herpes. It is the first medication of its type to introduce the application of nanomedicine in the treatment of herpes. A group of scientists from the VirARMOUR Nanomedicine Laboratories, who are responsible for the development of this medicine, were bestowed the honours in the form of prosurx nanomedicine award.