Groundbreaking Innovations In Nanothearapy And Diagnosis, Recognised By Nanomedicine Awards

Medical science is developing in leaps and bounds. With new and innovating medication techniques coming up every day, the average life span of human has increased significantly from what it was a hundred years back. According to many experts, the next big innovation in medical science is nanomedicine. It is a highly evolved and advanced form of medicine. Nanomedicine is the application of the powers of nanotechnology. Extremely tiny particles, called nanoparticles are entered into the body of a patient, which help in tissue building and cell repairing. These particles are so small that they are measured in nanometric units. A nanometer is as small as one billionth of a meter.


Particles of the size of one to one hundred nanometers are injected into the body that react and interact with the elements inside our body. There are a number of functions and mechanisms happening in our body which take place at the nanometric level. The particles injected into the body come in contact with the nanometric materials and molecules in our body. The DNA and other small proteins inside the body are affected by the foreign particles, and this phenomenon is used to diagnose and treat various ailments, cancers, tissue damages, etc. It is found that when materials are broken down into fragments and parts that are less than ten to the power of nine times smaller in size than a meter, the particles demonstrate such physical and chemical natures those might not be exhibited by the material in the general state. These properties of a nanoparticle help it cross many natural barriers and reach the remotest part of our body. This phenomenon is garnered by scientists and medical researchers to find solutions for complex medical issues.

Frankfurt nanomedicine award was formed to accredit practitioners, scientists, companies, academicians and researchers who present ground breaking concepts and ideas of approaching diseases and other medical issues with an innovative use of nanotechnology. The goal of these awards is to promote such efforts that are unique and are not on the grounds of normal medical practices. With the perception that nanomedicine is indeed the future of the way medication is going to be perceived and administered, the nanomedicine award strives to put forth and promote futuristic, yet pragmatic medical approaches those try to peep into the undiscovered depths of medical sciences.

Proposals and entries in the nano medicine award are judged by leading experts in the field of medicine and pharmacology, who are experienced in research and development and commercial capacities. The evaluation takes place in two categories; one is the preclinical award for innovative and effectual concept, and another is the clinical award for pioneering applications in regenerative medicine and nano therapeutics.

The winners of the award are covered extensively by the media across Europe. The awardees are granted full membership of Frankfurt Society for Nanomedicine, which is a premier platform for promoting nanomedicine in Europe and beyond. They also get an opportunity to give presentations at various international conferences and events on nanomedicine. The first version of these awards recognised prosurx nanomedicine award for their nanotherapeutic approach to treating herpes.