The Best Business Team With Team Building Activities Singapore

Effective teamwork is very essential to succeed in any kind of business. This is very well understood by corporate houses and they strive to have the best team on board to have an edge over their competitors. The latest craze is to conduct escape games for their employees so that they can hone their skills in team building skills. The corporate houses think that these games can produce the best teams which can offer optimum output when they are asked to perform for the business house. The games are held in such a way that people in the group work with each other to solve some mystery or puzzle.


Since corporate houses do not have the time to conduct these games, they have handed over the charge to other establishments which are much more conversant on the operations of the job.People from different backgrounds and working atmospherecome together under team building activities singapore and are formed into groups. People in the group are then given puzzles which they have to solve before they are free. They are forced to talk to each other, understand each other in order to solve the puzzles. The interaction between the people inside the group make them come up with ideas and notion on how to solve the problem The successful teams are those which show maximum cohesiveness and understanding in their actions.

The knowledge and capability to share and work together are tested during these games. The members are forced to take each other’s help to solve puzzles and mysteries in team building games. People who are introverts,are highly knowledgeable are pitted against people who are always open and boisterous. People having different dispositions are thrown together and are asked to come up with answers to puzzles that are given to them. In other words people in the group have to communicate with each other in coherent way to arrive at the answers. This builds the team as each member starts understanding the way others work and comes forward to take on part of the load. Leadership skills also get displayed during these exercises.

The process of building a team for a corporate house through team building games singapore can be of two types. The first type is on-site games and the second type is off-site games. The on-site games are conducted at “Scape” or “Kandahar Street”. It may be a combination of both places. Any of the five themes can be chosen for conducting the games. Hidden passage ways have to be discovered and clues unearthed before the team members can escape to freedom.

In off-site escape games, the location that is normally used is the client’s premises. Function rooms or stadiums can also be used to hold the games. The number of participants for these games is about fifty. The game theme may be decided by the client or it can be decided by the company which is conducting the games.  The duration of the games is usually two hour or as decided by the client.  During these two hours the groups will be given puzzles which have to be solved to solve the final puzzle. The games are supervised by people from the company conducting the games.