One Of The Most Popular Tv Serials Available Now As Judging Amy Dvd

It is the story of three women belonging to three generations. The story revolves around one of these women who is the main character. She is a judge of the family court while the other women are her mother who is a social worker and her daughter who is just six-year-old when the story begins.  The theme of the story is the relationship between the three women which is always undergoing a change from the extreme hot to the extreme cold. It is due to the external influences of various people that keep popping in and out of their lives.

The story is about Amy, who decides to leave her husband and return to the home where she had lived as a child in Connecticut with her daughter. She starts staying with her mother who is a social worker connected with child welfare. Both mother and daughter are stubborn creatures who have disagreements on a regular basis. Amy joins the Connecticut court and is made a judge at the family court at the age of 34. She soon becomes quite famous for her unusual style of functioning and her judgments which create flutters most of the time. Her stubbornness sometimes shows in her judgments also.

Amy goes on trying to balance her career, her private life and her love life though often mixes up all three and lands in various problems. She gets into fights with her mother most of the times and sometimes her daughter also refuses to accept he viewpoint though she sides with her mother most of the times. Amy gets engaged to a lawyer in the same court, ditches him at the marriage altar, and then starts dating a second lawyer. She conceives, has a miscarriage and is back to square one.      

The story was aired on TV from 1999 to 2005 in the form of a serial that consisted of 6 seasons and 138 episodes. The serial was discontinued after the sixth season was completed when Amy leaves the judiciary to become a member of the US Senate. The serial was aired two to three times later by different TV companies and was ultimately converted into DVDs. Each season occupied one judging amy dvd, and the whole consisted of six DVDs.

The DVDs are sold as a complete set of six, and the cost of the judging amy complete set of six DVDs is approximately $40. The set has sold hundreds of copies and is still selling because it deals with common family life and the complications that come with it. Moreover everybody could relate easily to the things that happened in Amy’s life and found similarities in their lives. The popularity of the amy tv series increased when the various TV companies decided to telecast the serial over and over again.  It was telecast even though some parts of the original had to be edited and cut because of the damage caused by multiple runs. The last time when it was run in 2011, many episodes were missing, some of the scenes were blurred, and the soundtrack had to be edited.