Ways To Know If You Need Hard Disk Data Recover Or Not

Suddenly, one fine blue morning you found out that your hard disk stops working. It did not show any form of odd sounds, like popping, screeching or even clicking, and did not crash, as well. It did nothing but just quit. The worst part is that you have some priceless data, which is not backed up in any other device. Therefore, you need to be aware of the right ways, which will help you to get acquainted with the best ways to recover those old lost data. You will learn various ways to troubleshoot and correct problems, as related to drive. You are asked to read and go through the warnings available, before proceeding for the next level.


There are certain basic steps, which you need to be aware of, while making the right move. You are asked to inspect the outside layer of the hard drive for any sort of damage. You are asked to stop using any external hard drive or computer. Power off you host device and remove the hard drive, in order to check and know more about hard disk data recovery services. Examine the drive carefully and keeping all the points in mind, and look forward to hot spots, on the external controlling board. You even have to check for any broken parts, too.

For the next step, you have to replace the cables, which are associated with the hard drive segment. This is another major platform, to go handy with the hard drive recovery structure, without fail. For this part, you are asked to plug the hard drives in the right place and with new cables, only. These are mainly associated with data and power connection structure, which can work for the make the model of your drive. Always make it a point to remember that IDE drive is always in the need of flat-ribbon cable.

In case, you are dealing with PARA drive, then you have to deal with the switch drive pin setting. If you were dealing with cable select or slave, you can always sell it to master.  You have to plug in alone without any form of device, on that port or you can even try again for another solution. You can even try and opt for the other forms of IDS or any other form of PCI controller, and try for the next options, too. If you fail to avail any other controller for hard drive repair, you can always try and look for PCI card, which can add up to the computer’s port. For that, you are asked to change the ID only.

For the next step, you are asked to plug in the cable with an external drive adapter or any other form of external drive case. For that, USB is the most promising solution of all time. If it fails to reconnect properly and spin up, the fault mainly lies with the PCB or the printed circuit board. You are asked to connect the drive with other computer, and try again for some effective result. By any case, if it works, then the fault is with mother board, and not hard disk.