Bugs And Bees: When And How To Control


Bees are supposed to be the laborious creature of the world. They are earned the name of the hardest creature because of their laborious work culture. Bees are one of the important parts of the ecology and economy. Without bees the world will turn into a different place. Bees are medium of the pollination in the flowering plants. Hence if bees will not be present in the planet many agricultural varieties will be ceased to be exist. Bees alone are responsible for the main part of the pollination which offered to produce nearly $19 billion worth of agricultural revenue in the US in the year of 2010. This is approximately one third of the food that the people need.  

The Types of the Bees

In the world there are nearly 25,000 different types of bees which are divided in 400 different genera which in turn are divided into 9 families of the insect. All species are engaged in the pollination process in the agricultural part. They exchange the pollens when they get nectar from the flower. They do the cross pollination very effectively. The successful work of the pollination by the bees helps the human society to carry on the agricultural work naturally.

The Pollination and Its Importance

What is the procedure of pollination by the bees? It is very natural and easy process for the bees. When the bees get nectar the pollens from the male part of the flower are transferred to the female part of the flower which results in the pollination and the formation of the fruits and plants from the seeds of the fruit. There are some plants which cannot do the pollination itself and for this very reason they are fully dependant on the bees to propagate their generation. Bees have one more characteristic which results the generation of the pure breed. They try to get nectar from a specific plant at a time, so there is a less chance of the cross pollination by the meeting of the pollens and stigma of different species. Hence in this process the best and pure pollination occurs. The pollination is very important for the reproduction of the plants and so the bees help the people to get the food by means of their special task of the pollination.

The Problem

There are some problems from the bees and bugs in the human society. Besides the help of the bees there are some negative parts of them which lead to the use of the insecticides to kill them. Bee spray and bug spray are used to get rid of bees and bugs. It is important to know about the insecticides briefly.

The sprays are used to make the place free from the insects. Insect sprays are often known as the insecticides. It is important to use the insecticides for proper reason at appropriate place. The use of the spray depends on the extent of the harm from the insects. For this the instruction should be read properly before using the insecticides. The insecticides are commonly available in the form of liquid and powder. The powder should be dissolved in appropriate amount of solvent before using it. Sometimes it is important to mix up the bee spray or bug spray with other insecticide for better result.