Phosphate Is Essential Element For Human Daily Diets


May 22, 2015-America-Monosodium Phosphate is an essential mineral element which is necessary for the body demand and the main source of human intake for phosphorus is phosphate natural food or food additive. As the introduction of famous China Sodium Hexametaphosphate supplier, the food phosphate can improve or impart the food favor and many other factors. So, as early as a hundred years ago, people already began use it in food processing.

Now, it has been already widely used in pasta, meat, seafood, fruit, vegetables, dairy products, bakery products, beverages, soy product and seasonings. Phosphate is the most widely used food additives and one of the largest categories of usage.

Phosphate is one of chemical compounds have the special molecular structure, which is mainly concluded into sodium, calcium and zinc. There are more than thirty varieties for this China Phosphate. As rapid development of world food industry in China, the amount of phosphate which is necessary for food processing is more than 25 tons or more. This huge demand promotes the development of the Monosodium Phosphate industry.

The Disodium Phosphate has very greatly cushioning effect which can help to stabilize the PH value and inhibit polyphenol oxidase activity and prevent browning process for noodles and others.

In addition, if people could add some Disodium Phosphate in meat processing, it can raise the pH of meat and then chelate the metal ions in meat. This could help to improve water-holding capacity of the meat and then maintain its natural moisture and reduce the loss of nutrients. That is why those meats in the market could maintain its original color and taste. 


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