The Direction Facing Of Your Balcony Could Determine The Sorts Of Planting Vegetable In The Outdoor Planter Boxes


May 31, 2015-America-What kinds of vegetables could be planted on the balcony with high quality flower boxes? This should be mainly depended on two factors which is the individual preferences and the related environment of the balcony. In general, if space of the balcony is OK, most of those fruits and vegetables can be planted on it. On the other hand, the editor from famous outdoor planter boxes online seller also introduce with people that the most crucial point is that people should consider the balcony direction when they choose which kinds of vegetables are suitable.

The south-facing balcony is usually full of sunshine and the airy veranda is very good. This could be regarded as the most ideal place for growing vegetables. Almost all vegetables could get good growing in the south-facing balcony. Those generally vegetables which could be grown during all year, such as cucumber, bitter gourd, tomatoes, beans, day lily, Tetragonia, mustard, squash, green peppers, lettuce, leeks and others are all suitable for this environment. In addition, lotus root, water chestnuts, water chestnut and other aquatic vegetables are also suitable for planting at the south-facing balcony. During the winter season, most parts of south-facing balconies can be exposed to direct sunlight and then putting up the simple warm holding device could help to create a good environment for plant growing. In addition to the good planting environment, the high quality planter boxes are also very crucial.

The east-facing and west-facing balconies are all semi sunshine place where is suitable for planting vegetables such as onions, lettuce, small rape, leek, loofah, parsley, radish and other which love light and has good resistance for shade.

North-facing balcony almost has no sunshine throughout the day. In that case, the choosing range for vegetables is very minimal. People could choose those planting vegetable with good shade-tolerant, such as lettuce, leeks, asparagus, cedar, dandelion spinach, mushrooms and others.

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