Different Sorts Of Mesh Filter In Our Daily Life


May 20, 2015-America-There are many different kind of mesh filter in our daily life. Today, the famous mesh filter online supplier www.wiremesh-manufacturer.com will introduce with people those products by its difference for materials.

Metal Rubber Filter

The Metal rubber filter is one kind of stainless steel mesh which has integrated the rubber materials. This mesh own the capillary loose structure which is particularly suited to the working environments such as address air, high temperature, high pressure, high vacuum, strong radiation, excessive vibration and corrosion. Rubber-metal filter has some properties of the metal, such as corrosion resistance, strength and impact resistance. At the same time, through the use of rubber-metal filter thickness, density of metal rubber wire, the thickness of the filter can be adjusted accuracy. Also, the cleaning for this kind of stainless steel mesh is also very easily.

Ventilation filters

This is one kind of Nylon Filter Mesh. The product characteristics could be concluded into the PP fiber materials, acid and alkali resistance, low force resistance, support repeated washing and high cost performance. Furthermore, this mesh could be easily cleaned and the impact strength is very good. That is why it could become the first choice of most of those clients.

Metal filter mesh

For those full metal filter products, we believe that most of clients know more about this. The metal filter mesh mainly applies the multi-layer aluminum or stainless steel mesh. Those metal wire materials will be rolled the wave-shaped net and the folded by the right angles. The angel and weaving methods could largely determine the filtering efficiency.


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