Alice Walker Hong Kong- Real Time Con Story

Let’s gossip about the real time con and a person who done this and get exposed in front of the world. Here we will talk about Alice Walker, who is these days popularly known as Hong Kong Scammer and many other names. This lady looks so sweet by the face, but in actual she fooled a lot of persons and done a lot of illegal activities for which she will be sentenced to jail soon.

Talking more about her, she was a McGill University Graduate in Anthropology, but now engaged in many illegal activities. She is now a drifter, cheating people and a turned out as a bad person. Alice Walker Hong Kong, currently residing without any permission and legal documents in Hong Kong.  What she did is- She posted a lot of bad, fake and down the reputation of a person, just because of her personal internet and money. Once all the posts come in the limelight, she called that suffered person and asked $13,000 USD in order to remove all the posts done by her. By using the fake identity of Mike Dinardo, she performed this fake and illegal job and now blackmailing an innocent guy.

Alice Walker BSDAcademy was met with Shane- a person to whom she conned, posted negative comments and showed various personal stuffs to the world to get sympathy and ruin the career. They were met  over the net using- After a few days of conversation, they decided to stay together so that they can know about each other more. Shane did a lot for her, he arranged a good job for her in his friend’s firm- whom she was cheating and blackmailing for money. He has nothing related to Alice nor he did anything wrong, but still Alice decided to ruin his career, personal life and fetch away everything what she would like to have.

Alice later caught as she has done this kind of cons with many other people, she has stolen many personal things, which she later used as the best prop to blackmail that guy and did many other things, which can easily ruin a person. She is not in the hit list of Hong Kong police and they are searching her in every nook and corner for solving this matter. Police got a lot of complaints about her and now she is now in a trouble a lot, that’s why she is hiding.

Overall, people can check her in Thedirty blog and if anybody knows her or saw her can report to the police directly to solve this case and provide justice to those innocent people. For more gossip and news, one can easily use up this source and browse 24/7. News of all the locations of US, including- Hollywood, Dallas, Winnipeg and many other places, one can easily get and get aware with what are going on in your city. Do check up the same and get updated, with serious news.