Is Buying Pittsburgh Refurbished Apple Computers A Good Idea?


Have you ever had the experience of purchasing expensive new gadget and on getting home, you found that something was wrong with it? Maybe you observed a scratch or dent or whatever must have happened technically, the next step is to return it. Top brands such as Apple makes great computers, but come at exorbitant prices beyond the reach of many people. It is against this backdrop that many buyers explore the option of ‘used’ or refurbished apple computers or gadgets.


MDofPC doctors of computers are committed to giving you the great experience of using new apple computers with our brands of refurbished apple computers. This guide will give you an insight as to why our refurbished apple computers (such as macbook, macbookpro,ipad, mac mini, mac pro) will be a great deal for you to purchase.

It saves you money.

One great economic benefit of opting for refurbish apple computers is that it saves you more money than you might think. Instead of a new PC, our sets of refurbished apple computers can save you anywhere from 20% to 80% off what it would cost you to buy a new macbook or mac mini.

Quality and Reliability Guaranteed

At MDofPC - Pittsburgh computer store, the quality and reliability of refurbished apple computers are guaranteed. You should know that most apple computers are returned not because they are faulty but some are returned due to the inability of these gadgets to meet the consumers’ taste or ignorance of its uses and applications.

More importantly, we run effective diagnostic analysis on all of our refurbished apple gadgets to fix the systems. If required, hard drives are wiped cleaned and operating systems are newly installed. This ensures that the quality of operations and durability of these computers are guaranteed. With this, we ensure that refurbished macbook pro or ipad that make it to our online sales are repeatedly tested and certified as a way of quality assurance.

As a positive consequence, these refurbished products can be branded ‘new’ and that means it typically sells at a lower price.

Specification Updated

One important feature to watch out for in buying Pittsburgh refurbished pc is the specification of the product. Our Macs contain up-to-date high-end modules to maintain high specifications. Furthermore, we also provide the option of upgrading the operating system after purchase.

Return Policy

Customer satisfaction is at the peak of our concern. We operate a customer friendly repair policy with up to one full year warranty, that is our Pittsburgh refurbished computers, Macs and ipads come with the same warranty protection you would enjoy with a brand new one. So, if anything goes wrong- which we doubt it would ever happen, we will glad to rectify such inadequacy at no cost of yours.

In general, purchasing our Pittsburgh refurbished laptops and apple gadgets saves you a lot of money with practically no risk for a long period of time.