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The company is dedicated to the research, the analysis of data and development-oriented web services, not provided report is just the first product of a series of products, which stems from the SEO to get back a figure that was previously accessible and that allows us to implement and offer a new set of web services.

The experience gained over the years has allowed us to put together a team of people dedicated exclusively to this type of work.

The Not Provided officially born to mask and protect the privacy of user data logged in with a Google account.

 A kind of transparency for those who rely on the search engine "admission" to find content.

 Google has always tried to treat digital navigators as people to be protected, developing and improving the results of research on the evolution and maturity of the web.

 With the growth of search volume, in fact, it has been necessary to update, and it is done consistently, the manner in which the web pages are to be found by search engines.

If you have a website you must think this is mainly achieved by the search engines. To do that you have to build consistent content to the focus of your business, but above all you have to build content suitable for the web.

Before Google invented the Not Provided to mask the way people reached the various pages of a website, its analytical work on the content to be written was likely to be more simple.

Today, masking the way people seek and find a web page on your site you need to find alternative solutions.

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