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Health enthusiasts can’t stop talking about the latest fad in the field of fitness and exercise.   Vibraslim will allow you to complete your exercise routine such as push up, lunges, calf raise, dips and squats while vibrating which can apparently improve the result.  It has the capacity to increase the bone density, circulation and optimize the metabolism rate which induces weight loss and increase the muscle mass. To help people decide on whether this fitness machine is a worthy investment, we summarize all the essential information and created a comprehensive review of this Vibration Exercise Machine.  Here is our unbiased and personal take on the fitness equipment.


Features of the Vibration Exercise Machine


Vibraslim comes in 5 various kinds of programs and at least 17 settings.  This vibration exercise machine is designed for those who have joint and back problems particularly the older ones.  It is ideal for those who have a body mass of 300lbs.  Purchasing of the equipment is also relatively easy.  You just need to complete the process on their official site, and the equipment will be delivered right at your doorstep. A money-back guarantee covers you in case you do not like the equipment.


While you are exercising, the vibration exercise machine creates vibration all over your body which promotes stretch reflex.  This is a kind of muscle reflex that aims to regulate the density of the bones.  Once the muscle extends, it will be stretched, and the activity on the nerve will increase exponentially.  Initially, this type of exercise was designed for the astronaut in order to help them increase their bone density.  Vibraslim makes this technology more accessible to the public which will improve their bone condition especially for the older age who have weaker bones and have chronic joint or back pain.


Additionally, the vibration exercise machine provides a passive type of exercise which makes them very ideal for the older people.    It is also best for people who are suffering from a certain health condition, overweight people and those who hate doing the rigorous training routine.  In fact, it only takes about 10 minutes to use this equipment in order to reap its benefits.  Based on the instruction provided, you are highly discouraged to go beyond the recommended 10 minutes since the impact of this machine is powerful.


For those who are looking for fitness equipment that is effective but is not as bulky as the treadmill, the vibration exercise machine is designed for you.  It also comes with wheels so repositioning this equipment will not be difficult.  You may also change your own position and your posture if you want to achieve better result.  Vibraslim is generally quiet, and it is pretty stable.  Its high level of stability is something that you won’t see from other vibration machine.



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