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Primo Group S.R.L

Primo Group is Your privileged partner in international business. Primo Group S.R.L is the Distributor for industry leading products in different fields from electronics, construction materials, marine accessories, machineries, and wide range of paints to various kinds of fabrics made by top well-known suppliers all around the world.

We are committed to providing a new meaning for creation and development of success. We tend to become the benchmark for the international distribution industry by applying supply chain management and the other modern management techniques. Indeed, our mission is to provide the best service for the customers at the earliest.

Throughout the years, we have been dedicated and determined to supply only the very best products in the business. We are proud to offer a vast selection of products used for various applications. Our friendly and well-versed staff are at your service in order to guide you to the right selection. Using our services, you are guaranteed to have products from the major manufacturers and in the superior quality in order to optimize your total cost of ownership without reducing product quality.

Our Customer Service, along with our ever-flourishing inventory will continue to be ahead of time, therefore unrivaled.

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