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Tips For A Smart Garden Design

Traditional garden design has an exact location for each flower, shrub, and tree. So, garden design and decking design is an important part of how your yard looks and survives. Poorly designed gardens can lead to expensive pest treatments or frequent pruning, so taking the time to create a good garden design can save you money and time. Here are some tips for a smart garden design.


  1. Make Sure You Have Access to Your Gardening Tools


A common mistake that many people make when they create a garden design is that they forget where their gardening tools are stored. You should make sure that you make room to move the tools from storage to the different areas of your yard. If not, you may need to remove some of your plants.


  1. Pick a Focal Point


When you are starting a garden design and a decking design, you need to pick a focal point for the design. The most common focal points are a statue, tree, or a covered area of the deck. However, there are many other focal points that you can choose from.


You should connect the focal point with other elements in the garden design and the decking design. This can be done using colour or the shape of the other elements.


  1. Keep the Curves in Check


Adding curves will increase the interest in your garden. However, you should not overdo the curves because many curvy plant beds and paths can be overkill. The best option for most gardens is to have curves that are subtle and long.


  1. Accent Your Home

When you are designing your deck and garden, you should take the time to make sure that the design compliments the house’s design. You should think about softening the edges of the building. However, you should not hide the house with a huge amount of plants or the decking.


  1. Use What You Already Have


When you are making a new garden design or decking design, you should try to accept the existing features that are already there. There are many amazing designs out there that use existing trees and shrubs in them. However, if the trees or shrubs are dead or the deck is damaged, you should think about removing them. You may find a new location for a new deck or flower bed in these areas. You may be surprised at how much room that you really have in your yard.


Decking design is another part of garden design that you should take some time to plan for. Your garden design is important because it affects how you can use your yard and the amount of work that you need to do to maintain it.

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