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Top 4 Mexico Attractions That You Should Visit

Mexico is a compelling country that lies between Central America and the United States. It is known to be an enchanting country because of its Gulf of Mexico and Pacific Ocean beaches which many people adore. The country is also peculiar owing to the ancient ruins that are predominant in every corner. An example of such ruins includes the Teotihuacán and the Mayan city of ChichénItzá. There are many Mexico attractions, and they vary in nature and type which is why people should make a list of the places they want to visit before coming here.


  1. The Epic Tulum


This is a town resort in the Caribbean coast of Mexico. It is a marvelous 13th century Mayan archaeological site that overlooks the ocean. When you stand on one of its balconies or surfaces, you have the fascinating view of the blue waters. There is a cool breeze that keeps cutting across Tulum making your summer holiday a very adorable one. In Tulum, the clifftop Castillo is used as a watchtower of the whole resort. There is also the Cobá archaeological site which is comprised of pyramid shaped temples. You can visit the place and have a lot of fun because there are a lot of activities to do considering even white sand beaches are present in the region.


  1. Xcaret Park


This is a privately owned park and ecotourism center that is located at Rive Maya. It contains a lot of beach villas and resorts where people can rent rooms as they enjoy their holidays on different parts of Mexico. Since it is a privately owned park and resort, most of its beaches are well maintained and they contain offshore seats where people can relax on. For swimming, boat safaris and other aquatic sports activities of your choice, this is among the Mexico tourist attractions that you should choose.


  1. Visit Coba


Coba is an ancient Mayan city that is known to have the best breathtaking venues. The medieval architectural structures contained in this region are a major source of amusement. There are plenty of stone causeways which can give you a rough idea how life was in the past before the coming of technology. It is a nice epic city that will make your vacation a remarkable one. Tour, explore and adventure as you take photos to create your own gallery of this special town.


  1. National Museum of Anthropology


It is not only the largest museum in the whole of Mexico but also the most visited one. People flood from all over the world to come and see what is enshrined in this famous museum and mostly it is used by scholars to make the best references. It contains historical, economical and scientific galleries of all the great talents that lived in the past. It features even wildlife galleries where you can see other animal species that you have not seen before.


Mexico tourism is packed with excellent amenities that people can always enjoy when they visit the place. Unlike in many countries where majority of attractions are artificial, Mexico has a lot of natural attraction compared to the artificial amenities.





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Top 4 Geneva Attractions That You Should Visit

Geneva is a charming city in Switzerland that is filled with Alps and Jura mountains. These mountains serve as viewpoints for people to clearly see the magnificent Mont Blanc which is the headquarters of United Nations and also a centre for Red Cross offices. Geneva is influenced by France therefore from language; cultural practices to religious practices, Geneva copied all the systems from France. If you are looking for things to do in the region, below are among the best Geneva attractions where you can enjoy your time throughout your vacation.


  1. Jet d'Eau


Have you ever seen water popping up to the sky from underground water pipes? That is what the Jet d’Eau is displaying to the public, water jetting out from the ground up to the sky. This place is known to be a famous land and it is even featured on Geneva’s tourist attraction website. It is a perfect place where people can visit to enjoy a breath-taking venue that is not only attractive but also enriching in terms of luxurious amenities.


  1. Pierre Cathedral


This is a magnificent church that belongs to the Reformed Protestant Church of Geneva. The church underwent a massive transformation as it was being adopted by John Calvin. Besides the religious significance that this marvellous place carries, it is also an excavated site where minerals were found. Walk around the compound, take photos and make sure that you attend a mass if you go on Sunday. There is a lot to do in this area especially if you are a Christian and you would like to know more about church and leadership.


  1. Take Tour to the Palace of Nations


If you are still contemplating on what to do in Geneva, take a visit to the Place of Nations. This is a serene place that is the headquarters of the United Nations. In a 600m house, all with offices, you will enjoy a lot because you can learn a lot of things. Besides the fact that it is a headquarter of the United Nations, the place is also cool and silent which means you can relax on the cool grounds and enjoy fresh air. In a place where UN decided to build headquarter, it must be fun, exciting and near a lot of basic features that their employee will enjoy.


  1. Patek Philippe Museum


This is a specialised museum that enshrines the story and works of the two watchmaking giants called PatekPhillippe & Swiss. The name looks simple, but the elegant features contained in this museum are worth the attention of any tourist. If you would like to know the advancement of watchmaking since 15th century, this is the best museum to tour. You will enjoy seeing the best watch galleries including comparisons from other watch companies. Don’t forget your camera as you will need to take photos of the most beautiful things in the museum. This museum is significant in Geneva tourism because it keeps attracting millions of tourists from across the world.


To conclude, Geneva is an attractive place to visit because it contains both natural and artificial treasures. You need to ensure that you have the best list of your places to visit to avoid getting confused on where to go because there are plenty of destinations in this area.




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Things To Do With Friends While Travelling


There are many things to do during a holiday with friends. Many of the activities depend on where you are going, as well as your personal preferences. Some people plan and decide what they want to do during their trip, and some people decide on things to do with friends when they get there. If you want to go on a holiday with less stress, you should choose the former.


There are many things to do while travelling. Most of the ideas mentioned below work for most major destinations in the world. Even if you don’t know anything about the place, you can use the tips below to have a memorable time during your holiday. However, the things mentioned below don’t work if you go on an island adventure or any other isolated place.


Find the Tourist Information Centre


Most major cities in the world have a tourist information centre. You can find them at the airport, train or bus stations, or ports. You should look at these places the moment you arrive at your destination. If you can’t find a tourist information centre at the points of entry, you can try to look for one in the city centre or near tourist destinations, such as the Main Square, church, or parks. 


Once you found a tourist information centre, you can ask for resources that will help you decide on what things to do during your holiday. You can ask for a map that will help you move around the place. You can also ask the staff to point out where you are staying on the map so that you know how to go back to your hotel or other accommodation option.


The tourist information centre can also show where the main attractions are. They can also suggest best things to do with friends. They can provide you with the hours of each attraction that can help you create your itinerary.


Free Walking Tour


No matter what the destination might be, the best way to know the city is through a walking tour. The guide will provide you with an overview of the history of the place, as well as information about the different buildings, museums, churches, and monuments you walk by as part of the tour. Guides are locals and know the city like the back of their hands. They can also provide the best tips on things to do in the area.


The guide can provide an honest opinion on museums, restaurants, and other destinations in the city. It is a good bonding activity among friends because there will be enough time for conversations between stops. It will make your trip with friends more memorable.


These are just some of the things to do while travelling. It should be an unforgettable experience for you and your friends. Aside from going to different tourist attractions, it is the time to improve your friendship. That way your bonds will be stronger after travelling together.





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Things To Do In Western Australia

Western Australia has many enjoyable activities. Everyone will have an opportunity to participate in different pursuits. The things to do in Western-Australia include visiting breath-taking natural wonders, sightseeing, visiting wineries, theme parks, museums, outdoor adventures, galleries, spectacular natural wonders, guided tours and more.


Tour the endless unique and adventurous locations in the Western-Australia from walking through the rainforest to sand boarding down the dunes. You can tour the Rottnest Island and have a spectacular picturesque picnic. The locals are friendly, and you can make a few friends along the way.


Top Western Australia and Perth attractions


Wave Rock


From the Pinnacles Deserts in Cervantes to the Bungle Bungles in the Kimberley, the climbing wave rocks are impressive geological marvels of Western Australia. The Rock is 340km east of Perth. It is one of the most famous attractions in the region. Wave Rock was created from granite and is up to 15 meters high with a length of 110 meters. The wave rocks have been around for approximately 2.7 billion years. The most remarkable part of the natural wonder is the fact that it looks like breaking surf.


The City of Nineteen Beaches


One of the most remarkable things to do in Perth is visiting the city of the nineteen beaches which surround Perth's metropolitan area. Cottesloe is the most fashionable and iconic beach. It is full of restaurants and bars allowing you to have the best hangouts. The number one surfing spot is the Trigg beach located in the northern part of the city. 


You will also have more tranquil swimming adventure at the Mettams pool. There is also a sheltered bay that is perfect enthusiasts of all ages. Other beach locations include Fremantle Port, City Beach, and Scarborough Sorrento. Do not miss the spectacular sunset view at dusk.


Swim with the Whales


Ningaloo Marine Park is among the top things to do in Western-Australia. It is the perfect place for passionate divers and snorkelers who experience the thrill of looking the fish congregate in the eye. The whale sharks are about 18m long and weigh approximately thirty tons. Despite their giant mouths, the whale sharks are no threat to humans. Also, have a boat and snorkel trip to the Coral Bay.


Visit Monkey Mia to Feed the Wild Dolphins


The wild dolphins are one of the most exclusive wildlife in Western Australia. The dolphins of Monkey Mia are on the Coral Coast of West Australia. They have been around for more the forty years. Monkey Mia is the most reliable dolphin encounter destination in the world. Interactions with the dolphins are always guaranteed under the guide and supervision of a park ranger.


Have a Walk in the Sky


Appreciate a good walk with a magnificent view of the valley of the Giant Tree Top. Among your list of things to do in Western Australia, a walk in Walpole is a must.  The Giant Tree Top is forty meters above the ground. The walkway on the canopy of the giant tingle forest is 600 meters long.


Are you planning a vacation? Discover the most exquisite places to visit in Perth and Western Australia now.




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Things To Do In Thailand


Thailand is an Asian country that is loved by many tourists making it one of the tourist destinations in Asia. Here are the things to do in Thailand.


Visit the Grand Palace


Right at the centre of Thailand`s capital city Bangkok, you will come across this famous Thailand tourism attraction centre the Grand Palace. For over 150 years, the Grand Palace served as the place where the ancient ruler and the Government of Thailand stayed. There are several things to do at the Grand Palace in Thailand, and you will learn a lot about the rulers of Thailand back in the days. The Grand Palace was surrounded by magnificently designed walls to protect the Grand Palace and make it what it is today. There is a lot for you to see when you visit the Grand Palace. While visiting the Grand Palace, you should come inappropriate clothing, or you will be denied from accessing the palace. Therefore consult the tour guide so as to make sure you are dressed appropriately.


Interact with the Peaceful Thailand Elephants


Nothing will scare you more than meeting an elephant in your home. However, in Thailand things are different at Mahawangchang elephant camp; you will have a chance to ride on an elephant. Drive for about four hours from Bangkok, and you will come across the Elephant Park that is the key to Thailand tourism especially for the foreign visitors. it's such a great feeling that you will get only in Thailand. Therefore next time you are planning Thailand travel, you need to come and have fun at this Elephant Park loved by many tourists.


Visit the Biggest Floating Market


In Thailand, you will come across several floating markets, and the biggest is Damnoen Saduak floating market. It is the most famous Thailand tourism attraction, and you need to enjoy seeing the people of Thailand going up and down in their canals selling foods and fruits. This setting shows how things were in the ancient years and therefore you will learn about how it started and who brought this culture of floating markets. It’s believed to have come with the Chinese people, and they transferred the habit to the locals. At the floating market, you will enjoy taking photos in the narrow canals and stilt houses which will give you a memorable experience. If you are staying at Bangkok, you will have to travel for 100 Kilometres to get to the market.


Sightseeing at the Sathorn Unique Tower


The Sathorn Unique tower is an abandoned skyscraper that was built in late 90`s, and due to financial issues, the building was not completed. Thailand tourism has benefited from it since it is a major site that attracts visitors who climb the tower for a bird’s view of Bangkok city. Therefore, if you would like to see the aerial view of Bangkok, this is an exciting place to visit. Although the site is not documented at a tourist centre, you will have access to climb the tower.

Thailand is a great country to visit as you get to see some of the miseries of the world.




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Things To Do In Sydney

Sydney is the largest city in Australia and the capital of South Wales. It’s a beautiful place to live in and a place you will enjoy being in right from day one. Here are the top Sydney attractions;


Bondi Icebergs Pool


Located at the most famous beach in Sydney, this is the ocean pool that has been most photographed in Australia. It is a must go spot for the sunbathers. At the pool has an open membership plan, and if you want to join, there is a mandatory swimming requirement every Sunday for a period of five years. However, if you just want to swim, you will be allowed, and the entry fee will be $6.5 so that you can have a casual entry. This will give you access to the pool the sauna and the gym. There are yoga classes going on at the pool as from Tuesday to Saturday only during summer. To learn and enjoy Yoga by the sea, you will pay $25.


Visit the Royal Botanic Gardens in Sydney


This is thought to be one o0f the oldest public gardens in the Southern Hemisphere and dates back in the year 1810 during the time of Governor Lachlan Macquarie. The pack was a vision that was thought of by the Governor and his wife, and they thought it would serve as English Parkland setting with a grand house. There have been several challenges that have rocked the gardens including fires, being open for cattle grazing, invasion of flying foxes and a windmill including a zoo.


Having endured all these, today the jungle is a top Sydney attraction and an oasis of calm in an urban jungle. You will surely enjoy appreciating nature at the jungle as you take guided walks. The park has been listed as a top Sydney attraction for the amateur and professional botanists, the hippy nature lovers, and people in search of a peaceful environment away from the city. If you are interested in visiting the park, it’s open as from 10.30 am. There is a free entry so you can come with all friends and relatives.


Sporting at Camp Cove


Camp Cove is a popular destination for the paddle boarders, snorkelers, and scuba divers. This is where you will meet sloping shore and turquoise waters perfect for the above sporting. Therefore if you have been looking for what to do in Sydney coastal region, you now have a full list of things to do in Sydney. Therefore, bring your gear and enjoy the fun as you do what you love most. It’s easy to get here as you just need to get a ferry to Watson`s bay and once the ferry docks you just follow the steam of people on foot towards cove street. This being one of the starting points for a bush walk around South Head, you will be in the company of many people.


These are some of the things to do in beautiful Sydney. You will have more fun if you come with friends or are on a family vacation.




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Things To Do In Sweden


Sweden is a scenic country with lots of attractions. People have inhabited the country for thousands of years. From the 8th to 11th century, Vikings lived in the Scandinavian country. Owing to its culture, there are numerous things to do in Sweden. The holidays and summer is the best time to visit. Here are places that deserve a visit:


  1. Öresund Bridge


With the formation of the European Union, came the need to connect countries previously separated by the sea. The Oresund Bridge was a landmark project that reduced the commute between Sweden and Denmark. Oresund Bridge is about 8 kilometers, which has a manmade Island, and an underground section. Opened in 1999, it is still the longest combined rail and road bridge in Europe. Before its construction, vehicles, and passages had to use the ferry to make the journey. You can start your vacation in Sweden and end up in Copenhagen, Denmark.


  1. Stockholm Attractions


Sweden tourism centres on Stockholm. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations. If you are in love, Stockholm will impress you. It is easy to get lost in the city’s art galleries, architectural buildings, and museums.  You can visit Djurgarden the country’s national park. It has canals, forests, and more.


One you trip in Sweden, stop over at Skyview for a bird’s view of Sweden’s 14 islands. Another iconic place is the Vasa Museum that is inside a warship. The ship is something out of history. It sunk during its first voyage and was salvaged 333 years later.


  1. Stockholm’s Old Town


For a piece of history head over to the Gamla Stan, which is the largest and best looked after cities in Europe. In the area, you will behold exquisite sights, restaurants, cafes, and shops. The Royal Palace is in the district, where you will see hundreds of rooms decorated in Rococo style. Vasamuseet museum is another place to visit, which exhibits Sweden’s maritime history. You may also like the Swedish Parliament, Storkyrkan, Nobelmuseet Museum, and Theatre of Death.


  1. Northern Lights


There are different places to see the Northern lights including Norway. However, Sweden offers the best locations. Consequently, thousands of people prefer the country to behold this natural wonder. You will have to make your trip to Sweden during the winter to catch the Northern Lights.


  1. Dog Sledding in Lapland


The Swedish Lapland is a vast wilderness that occupies a quarter of Sweden’s land area. Only one percent of the population lives in the wilderness. You can take a dog sled tour through the silent ancient forests, riverbeds, and frozen lakes. There are different parks to go sledding such as Sarek National Park, Abisko National Park, and Jukkasjärvi.


Other Things to Do in Sweden


You can visit Gothenburg another City with attractions such as Feskekörka, Garden Society of Gothenburg, Botanical Garden, and Liseberg theme park. Additionally, you can tour Uppsala, which is Sweden’s fourth largest city.



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Things To Do In North-America

North-America is a Northern Hemisphere continent.  It is bordered to the east by the Atlantic Ocean, to the north by the Arctic Ocean, to the southeast by the Caribbean Sea and South America, and to the south and west by the Pacific Ocean. The continent has many interesting and amazing sights. You will never get bored in the third largest continent in the world.


North-America Attraction


Grand Canyon


The vibrant rocks of Grand Canyon were eroded by Colorado River for over two million years. It is a breath-taking natural wonder that you will fall in love with in one look. It is the perfect natural remedy for all the Las Vegas enthusiasts. You can select a bus tour around the phenomenal rock formation, and have a view of the majesty national park. You can fly over the landscape with an All American Helicopter tour. There is nothing more amazing like landing deep in the Grand Canyon for a small and romantic picnic.


The Big Apple


New York is the most energetic city on the planet. The city has everything including the buzz of businessmen walking to work, and the aromatic smell of food filling the early morning air from food trucks. Also, visitors will be touring the city that never sleeps. You will never lack things to do in during your things to do in North-America. There is always something happening in the city. Jumpstart your tour in a New York hop-on-hop-off bus tour any time of the day. You can have a different perspective of the city with a complete cruise of Manhattan Island. A horse and carriage ride in Central Park followed by a perfect romantic dinner is the best way to end the day.


The Bay Area


One of the most exciting cities to explore in North America will be San Francisco. You can have a day trip to some of the world’s famous locations. Visit the Sonoma and Napa wine country which are two of the most loved wine locations. Explore the Muir Woods and have a sight of Sausalito, Giant Redwood which is worth a half a day trip. You can have a day trip to see the giant sequoias and Yosemite National Park. Finally, you can have a romantic time on the Monterey on the Pacific coast.


Taste of America's History in Boston


Boston is an important part of the American History and its foundation. It is also a transformative and colourful city. You can explore the North-American attraction by touring the modern and historic sides of the stunning city with a Boston Hop-on Hop-off Trolley Tour. You will have a one-day comprehensive tour of Boston at your own pace. You can also tour places near the city to have more adventures.


Niagara Falls


Niagara Falls, it is a sight to behold on the Canadian and American side. You can have the perfect view from above. Additionally, take a boat tour for a spectacular view of the Cave of the Winds, Horseshoe Falls, and Queen Victoria Park. A voyage to the Niagara affords you striking views from below.


North-America is the perfect continent to enjoy the time of your life. During your North American travel, bring your family and friends.



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Things To Do In Luxembourg City


A small state in Europe called Luxembourg has become a top tourist attraction. Many tourists visit the nation’s capital named as the country every year. Here are the top Luxembourg City attractions.


Sightseeing Trip of the Old Luxembourg City


This is an exciting old historic city that you would not like to miss on your list of things to do in Luxembourg City. The old City has ancient buildings that will tell you a lot about the nation’s ancient architects. There are several old stone bridges across the rivers and also at the former fortress. This city served as Europe`s greatest fortified sites, and this was because of the unique positioning. Originally, the Luxembourg Old City comprised of a small fort that was built in the 10th century. Amazingly, to date, the city retains its layout of the streets and hence a good opportunity for you to learn more about the ancient Luxembourg City rulers and also the people of Luxembourg.


The Palace of the Grand Duke


The palace of the Grand Duke gives the city some splendour. You will have an opportunity to see art and design. You can enjoy guided tours which are offered from the 15th of July up to the end of the month of August. Being the place where the Grand Duke stayed, it is unquestionable that the palace is elegantly decorated. One of the top tourist's things to do in Luxembourg City when they visit over the mid of July and before the end of August; has always been to see how the palace looked like. You will be allowed to take nice photos at the Grand Duke palace to make sure you have profiled it as one of the places you visited in the great Luxembourg City. Therefore book a trip to Luxembourg City and visit the palace of Grand Duke.


Learn History of Luxembourg City at the History Museum


The 17th-century house is where the city museum is housed. Apart from sightseeing of the great architect work, you will get to learn a lot about the history of the city. Indeed, this is one of the best tourist attractions since you get to learn about the city and then you can visit to learn more and see the reality as explained at the Museum. A trio at the Luxembourg City museum gives you a good opportunity to learn about the architectural diversity of the great nation as a whole. This is one of the reasons why to date the museum has been listed as Luxembourg City attractions you must go to. There is a profile of the cultural programs and also the events that formed the great culture of the Luxembourg City people. Book a trip today and have an opportunity to see the great city and learn more about it at this stunning museum.


The Notre Dame Cathedral


Built in the 17th Century by the Jesuits, the cathedral is key to learning the great worship practices of the people of Luxembourg. At the cathedral, you will see the luxurious detail of attractive stained glasses that were used in the construction. One of the things to do in Luxembourg City is to see the graves of the royal family which are located in the crypt.


Luxembourg City attractions have helped in profiling the nation as one of the top tourist destinations in Europe. Book a trip today and see the exciting tourist attractions.





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Things To Do In Lebanon

Lebanon, a sovereign state in west Asia, attracts tourists every year, and it is one of the top destinations in Western Asia region. You will meet different people from different backgrounds some from Asian countries and also from the western countries who work here as expatriates. Here are some of the top Lebanese attractions.


Things to Do in Beirut


The first thing to do in Beirut should be Beirut by Bike experience, a bike rental place that was founded to promote a healthy and environmentally friendly way to get around the city. This is a great plan for you and friends especially over the weekends as you get to enjoy biking around Beirut. There are free biking lessons for you over the weekend ideal for those who have not ridden a bike in the past. Come with your ID and $5 which will be an hour rental price. You can as well take a walk around Beirut’s streets as you get to learn a lot about the people of Beirut including their shopping style, the common foods, and the restaurants. You can sample different foods and taste the wineries in different pubs. There are several restaurants within Beirut that offer a great nightlife to the people of Beirut.


Enjoy Jeita Grotto Tours


Jeita Grotto is a top Lebanon attraction that is famous around the world. It is considered as one of the finalists for the 7 natural world`s wonders and therefore a place that is a centre of attraction to many visitors. You can enjoy a tour of the upper or the lower grottos, but the upper grotto has been listed as the largest stalactite in the world. This place first came into limelight in 1863 when an American tourist came across the lower grotto. However, it is believed that this place was inhabited by the locals before the discovery. If you are visiting Lebanon in winter, you will have to visit only the upper grotto if the lower grotto is flooded like has always been the case in winter.


Visit Tyre a Sacred Destination in Lebanon


For the Christians, this is a popular destination that was home to Christian community during the time of biblical Paul. Since the 12th century, it was named as a major stronghold of the crusaders, and today it is a popular Lebanon attraction. Tyre is a UNESCO World Heritage Centre and was given the status in 1984. In the Christian Bible, this is the place that was attacked by Egyptians and the Babylonians and was later governed by the Persians. Therefore, it is a must visit place that has a very strong meaning to the Christians.


The Silk Museum in Lebanon


This museum was created by a couple initially as a primary residence, but due to the Lebanon war, they could not move into the house. Today, it is one of the best of Lebanon attractions you must visit. It is an important reference of ecological, cultural, and economic history where you will learn a lot.


Lebanon is indeed a must go to destination especially for the Christians. Better still, it is a top destination for thousands of visitors worthy your time.




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