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Carpet Cleaning Chesapeake VA

Carpet Cleaning Chesapeake VA


Carpet Cleaning


Carpet cleaning is actually an impossible task for full-time workers as it’s exhausting, time-consuming, and certainly requires special techniques. Carpet cleaning Virginia beach services are available to provide professional carpet cleaning Norfolk VA.There are actually various methods of carpet cleaning which perform their own advantage and disadvantages. The commercial cleaning Virginia beach usually uses one or more of these following types of method:

Steam Carpet Cleaning

This type of carpet cleaning Hampton roads is well known as hot water extraction cleaning. The cleaning will utilize the high pressured hot water to disrupt so it makes the way for dirt dissolving. The commercial cleaning Virginia beach usually applies cleaning agents with brushes and then rinses the carpet. The cleaner will let the cleaning agent settled for a while and then special carpet cleaning tools will be used to rinse the disruptions and dirt. After rinsing, the carpet will be left to dry at certain temperatures.

The total time of carpet cleaning may vary depends how large the area will be cleaned. It may take a couple hours for office carpet as the drying time may take double. If you’re going to order this service for your office, make it after the office hour so it won’t disrupt the office activities.

Shampoo Carpet Cleaning

This is the old-conventional method used by carpet cleaning Chesapeake VA. The cleaner simply applies the shampoo to the carpet surface and continue drying without rinsing. This method is no longer popular as it generated various disadvantages including huge foam residues and more time for drying. In fact, this method is only available for DIY as the commercial cleaning Virginia beach no longer uses this method since the emergence of encapsulation method.


Special detergents which will be crystallized are applied to the carpet surface. This will encapsulate the dirt into powder as the carpet dried and the detergent crystallized.Encapsulation of dir and detergent powder can be vacuumed as the carpet dried. At this point, encapsulation requires less water, so it will also take less time for the carpet to dry. The use of special powder leaves a very minimum residue. It certainly provides you an efficient cleaning. Today, carpet cleaning Norfolk VA companies are using eco-friendly materials for their carpet cleaning services.

Dry Cleaning

It’s also well known as compound cleaning. The dry carpet cleaning which is the latest carpet cleaning technology provides the effective yet efficient result as it requires no time for the carpet to dry. In this method, motorized brush machine is used to agitate the carpet surface, makes the way for the compound to enter in the deep. The compound is able to absorb the dirt and can be vacuumed or removed. It allows you to get deep cleaned carpet in a very short time. In fact, dry cleaning is the fastest way you can get your carpet fully cleaned. Carpet cleaning Virginia beach companies may develop their own compounds. However, make sure the companies are certified and develop safe and eco-friendly materials for their carpet cleaning services.


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